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İSOPOLY® Poly Neoplast

Aderansı mükemmel olan ve yüksek yapıştırma özelliği gösteren polimerik bitüm pastadır. Uygulandıktan sonra içeriğindeki taşyünü elyafı ola neopren sayesinde yüzeylerde elastik bir tabaka oluşturarak su sızmalarına ve rutubete karşı kesin çözüm sağlar.




Amendments are possible to be made in practice and foreign trade and customs legislations (law, regulation, circular, communiqué etc.) in line with current conditions. The specialized legislation team in our company follows up these changes on a daily basis and immediately informs the relevant customers about these changes.
Before starting import, export and other customs clearance operations, the relevant file is first checked in terms of HS Code (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) and customs legislation and then registered and operations are initiated.


Consulting Services

We conduct legislation and cost analyzes before starting customs clearance operations and provide all foreign trade consulting services.


Digital Archive System

After completing customs operations, the relevant documentation, invoices and receipts are handed over to our customers in the shortest period possible.
Also, all documentation is kept in computer media based on the electronic archive system. In this way, our customers can use ID and password assigned to them to access to our archive system and easily find the document they are looking for.